Super Skyprobe OEM High Gain Telescoping Portable Antenna - Part #SSP58F(MK2)-02B

Super Skyprobe OEM High Gain Telescoping Portable Antenna - Part #SSP58F(MK2)-02B

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Original OEM Super Skyprobe Telescoping Portable Antenna

  • This antenna can extend the range of your radio up to 6 times that of a rubber duck helical antenna usually supplied with your radio
  • A great secondary antenna to be used in extreme terrain conditions
  • Telescopes out to 36" and retracts back to 9" for easy carrying

    • Replacement telescoping antennas are available and can be replaced by the user in the field

  • +10Db gain over a rubber duck style antenna
  • Tuneable 120-175 MHz to a 5 Mhz window (2.5 to 3 Mhz either side of center freq with no degradation)
  • The Bendix King model screws right down on the Bendix King threaded connector, RF cable plugs direct into side 3.5mm RF output connection

The RF Connector on this High Gain Antenna is for Legacy Bendix King Handhelds only - Model: GPH5102XP / GPH5102XCMD / DPHX5102X / DPH5102XCMD VHF Handheld Series

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  • 165MHz